After 8 years of service, In-VIGO infrastructure has been discontinued. We would like to thank all users, collaborators and contributors who helped its development. Funding for In-VIGO was provided by the National Science Foundation, the Bell South Foundation, the Army Research Office Defense University Research Initiative in Nanotechnology, the Office of Naval Research, NOAA Ocean Service, SUR grants from IBM, gifts from VMware Corporation, and others.

In-VIGO was a research project that pioneered the use of virtualization technologies to offer flexible execution environments for scientific applications and collaborative tools with different requirements, integrating virtualized back-ends, and a web-based interface allowing users to submit requests for application execution or creation of collaborative environments. The In-VIGO research was complemented by the development and deployment of a Web-based infrastructure that served over 600 users from 11 countries. Concepts introduced by the In-VIGO project have been adopted by other projects within and outside the ACIS Lab.

The In-VIGO project was also extended for the execution of bioinformatics applications on University of Florida's High Performance Computing Center's resources. This project was conducted in collaboration with University of Florida's Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research (ICBR). A total of 110,000 jobs were submitted to UF-HPC's Torque/Maui clusters between the period of 2008 to 2012.

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The following is a partial list of publications about In-VIGO

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Development team of In-VIGO:

Walkthrough screen-cast tutorials of In-VIGO are archived here for illustrative purposes:

  • Executing a BLAST job through the In-VIGO Portal: Screencast movie
  • Understanding In-VIGO's Job Submission Interface: Screencast movie
  • Monitoring job progress through the In-VIGO portal: Screencast movie

In-VIGO was made possible by funding from the following sponsors:

The ACIS laboratory gratefully acknowledges their contributions.

Open source projects that were used in the development of In-VIGO:

  • The Tim Endres' File Utility Java Package
  • Jcrypt: Java-based implementation of the unix crypt command (
  • Condor Classified Advertisements (classads) (
  • FileManager by Steve Horsburgh (
  • Drall File Manager (
  • Averist Authentication module (
  • Globus Java COG Kit (
  • log4perl project -- log4j for Perl (
  • Apache Jakarta Project: Log4j (
  • Apache XML Project - Xalan and Xerces (
  • Apache HTTP Server (
  • Apache Ant Project (
  • Apache Tomcat servlet container (
  • Apache Axis Web Services Project (
  • Netfilter and iptables (
  • VNC (Virtual Network Computing) ( and
  • The Java programming language (
  • The Perl programming language (

The ACIS laboratory acknowledges the developers of these open source projects.